Dragon Age Origins: Witch Hunt DLC

Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age both got their own DLC missions released this week. As is the case with ME2, I’ve also been diligently playing through most of the Dragon Age DLC released so far, only skipping the ones I thought seemed to consist of nothing but combat.

While the new Mass Effect 2 DLC was very good, unfortunately the same thing cannot be said for Witch Hunt. Touted as the final Dragon Age DLC before part two next year, I was hoping for an especially nice bookend for the saga of my warden, but no. Funnily almost everything that was done right in the ME2 DLC is done wrong in Witch Hunt — it really is a tired rehash of recycled assets posing as a new story.

I mean, I can understand Bioware being unable to provide you with your original group because of voice actor availability and cost effectiveness, but the people that are forcibly shoved into your lap this time are just bare cardboard cutouts with not much personality at all. It’s concerning when you cannot attribute even a single personality trait to your elvish party member after adventuring with her for a couple of hours. Just give me my old group, even though you’d have to make them mutes like in ME2 DLC, damn it!

The story in Witch Hunt is nothing special and tries way too hard to keep the scenarios changing, which only results in unfocused sprints through whatever RPG staple (elven ruins/dwarven caverns/mage towers) the game wants you to see next. Even Morrigan, who the DLC is really all about, only shows up at the very end, and the answers she provides only work to make the player even more confused about the situation than before. I can only hope it’s some kind of a veiled setup for stuff that’ll happen in Dragon Age 2, since it’s definitely not trying to tie the loose ends together at all.

I really don’t see even the most hardcore Morrigan fans walking away from this jumble feeling satisfied. While Leliana’s Song was by no means a great DLC, it was still miles ahead of Witch Hunt and enough to keep me content (although I have to confess I’m a hardcore Leliana fan and very easy to please in that aspect).

I am, however, a bit curious about how differently the ending in Witch Hunt could play out depending on the choices the player has made before. I basically threw Morrigan out of my party in Origins immediately after she started whining, so I never really managed to get any kind of bonding going on with her. Not curious enough to get another playthrough going, though.

Farewell, warden. We had some great times — this DLC just wasn’t among them.

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