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I happened to rummage around my old hard drives one day, and discovered some very old Flash animations and games I made about ten years ago. Some of them were once available on my old homepage, some were made for the www-site of Enter-lehti (a finnish computer magazine that’s no longer being published).

So I figured, “What the hell, the Internet has not yet seen the last of these!” and decided to re-upload them to the new site. Without further ado…


  • The first ever flash animation I made. A sordid tale of a game of baseball gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Neron Elämä

  • Neron Elämä (Life of a Genius) is introspective stream of consciousness weirdness.

Savo Intro

  • Intro animation for a Return to Castle Wolfenstein collective I was a part of during the heydays of the game. An uplifting tale depicting of our leader, Ukki Savo, rising up to RtCW stardom and beyond.


  • Simple Pong clone. Added twist: Paddles have inertia. Keys K/M (right); A/Z (left).

Hard Driving

  • Simple Snake clone. Added twist: A bouncing ball on the playfield cuts your snake in half and the pieces remain on the board as obstacles. Keys: Arrow keys.

Blocks of War

  • Simple Artillery clone. Added twist: You can play Tetris/Coloris with the terrain to earn extra turns. Keys: Arrow keys (left/right to aim, hold and release up to shoot. Ctrl generates a new playfield).

Son of the Sun

  • As a mayan sun god, defend your holy obelisk from the invading extra-terrestrials by moving the sun around and burning the grays with the shadow of the obelisk. Click the mouse to trigger an explosion that’ll wipe out the nearby enemies.

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